Vox Anima Chamber Choir

Workshop with Surbiton High School

27th January 2024

Workshop with Surbiton High School

Vox Anima Chamber Choir were delighted to join a workshop with Surbiton High School organised by Friends of the Vox, to support the school's choir as they prepare for their upcoming performance of ‘Everyday Wonders: The Girl from Aleppo’ by Cecilia McDowall. They will be performing at Cadogan Hall as part of Vox Anima London’s concert for International Women’s Day. Several members of Vox Anima Chamber Choir will also be joining the students on stage on 06 March 2024.

The workshop was led by Dr James Meaders, supported by singers from Vox Anima Chamber Choir. Cecilia also attended and spoke about her inspiration for the piece, as well as her journey to becoming a composer.

Head of Instrumental Music at Surbiton High School, Mr Richard Hammond-Hall said ‘It was everything I hoped it would be and then some… Many colleagues and pupils commented on how inspiring Vox Anima Chamber Choir's commitment to the music, expressive face and relentless energy were. It’s certainly turbo charged the pupil’s preparation for 6 March.’