Vox Anima Chamber Choir

LUX: The Dawn from on High - Dan Forrest

13th February 2023, 19:30

LUX: The Dawn from on High - Dan Forrest

Vox Anima is combining with the treble voices of Garnet Chorale (University of South Carolina), Mercer University Women's Choir and Morningside Presbyterian Church to perform LUX: The Dawn From On High. All four choirs were part of the commissioning consortium for the SSAA setting of LUX, and are thrilled that composer Dan Forrest will be playing the piano for this performance.

The five movements will be conducted by Drs Alicia Walker, Stanley Roberts and Vox Anima's own maestro James Meaders, with the church's choirmaster Dr Jonathan Crutchfield on the organ.

Vox Anima will also perform a short set, as will the two university choirs.

 If you happen to find yourselves in Atlanta, it's an evening not to be missed! Tickets on sale from here.