Vox Anima Chamber Choir

Pam Palmer


Music is central to Pam’s life. She loves playing her flute in orchestras, chamber groups or as a soloist, and she loves singing in choirs – particularly Vox Anima Chamber Choir! In her teaching she hopes to inspire and enable children and young people to make music an important part of their lives so that they can always enjoy the meaning, fulfilment, connection and joy it brings. Vox Anima gives Pam these beautiful things. Under Jamie’s direction, and with a group of wonderfully talented friends singing and playing together, Pam thinks something very special is made that is deeply and wonderfully fulfilling. Pam is so grateful for this important and meaningful part of her life, and for dear friendships that are shared within the group.

Pam has quite a few interests in addition to music; she loves to read, and is interested in literature, psychology, philosophy, science, feminism, diversity, global cultures, nature and the environment. Pam is pretty focused on health and wellbeing, and loves to exercise and practise insight meditation. Gardening, travel, and spending time in nature feed Pam’s soul.

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