Vox Anima Chamber Choir

Hermione Jackson


From singing as a 6 year old in her local church choir, Hermione has always been drawn to music - singing in choirs is her happy place.

Whilst studying Veterinary Medicine at university she was a member of the University of London Chamber Choir, singing alongside fellow choir member Hannah, and enjoyed the opportunity to go on tour with them to Malta. After leaving university she sang in a philharmonic choir in Portsmouth and a gospel choir in London, which opened up a rare chance to sing on the BBC One Show!

Following a move back to her hometown with her husband she has had a small break from singing in choirs and is thrilled to now be part of Vox Anima.

Outside of music and working as a small animal vet, Hermione can be found spending time with her family, friends and 2 rescue cats and is looking forward to the joys of being a new mum later this year.

Her fun fact: she has a diploma in the recorder (yes, some people do take it beyond primary school).

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